Church Security Training

Our experienced consultants can conduct Security and Vulnerability assessments and provide recommendations for corrective measures for Schools, Churches, Business’s and Homes. If you have questions or would like to arrange a consultation,please contact Our Church Security Training Program is one of the best around.

We can set a training schedule up from a crawl – walk – run approach to church training. For programs that are just getting started or we can tailor a program in a way that suits your team’s existing training cycle. Here is a brief description of the different modules and courses we can offer.


Initial Training & Assessment: In this session the trainees will receive a Law of Self Defense (LoSD) brief, an initial skills assessment using the MILO Virtual-Reality training system, and a brief intro to Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM)/J2 Range Safety. We will also assess the guns and gear that each team member carries while on duty. Once the classroom session is done the trainees will be armed with UTM guns/ammo and will be run through one UTM scenario. The UTM sessions are recorded and a video debrief is conducted. At the end of the session we will have a good skills assessment for each team member that can be used as a baseline for future training.


Observation/Perception/Survival Mindset: A seminar with exercises that is focused upon perceiving, detecting, and avoiding threats before they become realized. We will also cover the will to survive and to win the battle.


De-escalation / Verbal Judo: A session where we discuss and practice strategies and tactical verbal skills needed for de-escalating situations. Textbook provided.


Legal Aspects of Lethal Force: This session is a discussion with one of the leading Law of Self Defense and Second Amendment attorneys in Maryland.


Church Security Roles and Responsibilities: In this session we provide a draft example SOP outlining the roles and responsibilities of the security team. We will help you craft and create your own tailored SOP for your specific needs.


Solo Fighting Handgun: In this session we will use primarily the MILO technology. The session will start off by recapping LoSD and Safety (quickly) and then pick up at the baseline level for each team member. So it is tailored to the individual and will be focused on what they need for training.


Intro to Force on Force with Teams: This is a MILO and/or UTM Based session where we will introduce the team to team tactics and working together in shoot and no-shoot type events. Focus will be on verbal and non-verbal communications between team-members while in high-stress situations with different team-members having differing scopes-of-perception of the scenario.


Intermediate Force of Force with Teams: This is a UTM based session where we build off of the introductory session.


Hand-to-Hand / Intro to combatives: A very “light” intro to hand-to-hand combat. Including presentations and exercises on the use of firearms at close-range such as point-shooting and firing from the gun-retention position, defense against knives, firearms retention, use of batons, and pepper-spray.